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 Welcome To Suncatcher Foods

We are a family run business based in Dorset providing quality health food in Bournemouth to our customers since 1993.

Here at Suncatcher Foods we have a wealth of knowledge in wholefoods and many years experience of understanding how having a good and varied eating regime, together with lots of exercise will help keep you well.

Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit ,Pulses, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables are part of your healthy eating habits and we are here to provide you with just a small part of your healthy diet.


    Would You Like a mixture of Lots of Products?

IF you want to make your own special mix of nuts, seeds, cereals, or any other products on our site(a bespoke mix) we will mix it “free of charge”, the conditions are as follows:-

  1. A minimum of 100g for each product 100g products will NOT be sold seperately
  2. Choose any weight of any product(only weights shown apply)
  3. Pick as many lines and as many weight variations as you wish
  4. Minimum Order 1kg
  5. Add the cost of all items to get final price of mix.
    An Example of a Seed Nut and Dried Fruit Mix

    example mix

    Pumpkin Seeds100g£1.17
    Chia Seeds100g£1.10
    Sunflower Seeds250g£1.20
    Linseed Brown100g£0.70
    Sesame Seeds100g£0.89
    Almonds Flaked100g£1.64
    Walnuts Broken100g£1.78
    Apricots Chopped100g£1.09
    Dates Chopped100g£0.89
    Total Price Of Mix1.05kg£10.46
    (Plus Delivery 4.99)
    It can be fun planning a mix—Have a go!!

    If you have any queries, please phone us on 01202 424133 or email us at
    Please note all 100g prices are for bespoke mixing only and will not be sold separately!!!


All enquiries welcome, contact us online or call us.

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