hormones for a healthy life

Eicos Greek for meaning 20, meaning each hormone is a 20carbon chain (e.g 20:3) means a 20 carbon chain with 3 bonds. (an ecosanoid)

Back in 1929 the discovery of removing fat from the diet of rats caused them to die very quickly. By adding back fat (then called vitamin F) now known as omega 6 and omega 3 essential fats (fats that our bodies cannot produce, and also we need to obtain them from the food we eat) the rats survived.

Unlike other hormones every cell in our bodies (70 trillion or so) was found to be capable of producing Eicosanoids and as such became a major study of 21st century medicine.

Known by various names Prostaglandins ( called this initially as they where first thought to come only from the prostrate gland) Thromboxane, Leukorines, Lipoxins, Epi-lipoxins, and others.

they are what is known as Autocrine Hormones they only effect the cells that produce them. Basically their main function is to be secreted by the cell take a look at the conditons outside and report back so the cell can respond to the conditions outside.

Now rather than getting into the heavy nutritional data let me try to explain as far as i know how this works

producing an Eicoaanoid hormone. Each hormone POPS OUT of the cell takes a look around and reports back to the cell. THE CELL can then take the necessary action to adjust to the surrounding enviroment.

Now here comes the rub

It can’t get back in and so has to give the message to a “DOORMAN” who has to give a massage to the cell. Now there are lots of “DOORMEN” good “and bad” and our main aim is totry and give the message to  “GOOD” one. The HORMONE is not able to distinguish between good and bad doormen, and so the more good ones on the outisde of the cell WALL the more chance we have of the cell getting the right infomation and in the right well to help us keep WELL. How do we do this !!!!!

BY DIET and EXERCISE —- BY TRYING TO BALALNCE OUR OMEGA 3 AND OUR OMEGA,  BY EATING – MORE FISH,- FRESH FRUIT, VEGETABLES,- NUTS AND SEEDS. and helathy foods. by keeping our weight under control, by eating smaller portions more regularly small meals (300-400 calories) 4 times a day rather than snacking on high calorie foods (crisps, sweets etc)

We all know what we should be doing, but it is not easy Good eicosanoids are produced by the good food we eat, by changing you increase your chance of stayinging healthy for longer, there is no GUARANTEE but you will start to feel better, less tired, more energetic, better at fighting off colds and flu, less pills, etc etc

DONT EAT lots late at night, the body can’t digest it. Exercise walking is great,- park as far as you can from the supermarket door, walk to the shops, walk up and down the stairs at home, any excercise is good excercise.

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