More on Omegas

The brain is 60% fat. Omega 3’s make the membraine more flexible and more receptive to incoming signals.

Omega 3’s are immportant to the development of the brain and visual functions in infants and are also associated with retaining these functions through life.

In one study men who ate atleast 2 portions of fish a week were 45% less likely to have MACULAR DEGENERATION which is the biggest cause of blindness in older people.

Omega 3’s are also ANTI-INFLAMATORY, thus helping to balance the OMEGA 3’S with the OMEGA 6’S a balance of 1 to 2 is considered a good balance another study followed 80,000 healthy women for 14years and found that those with the highest levels of healthy D.H.A and E.P.A had a significantly lower risk of heart and stroke disease.

The levels of D.H.A and E.P.A for men and women as follows:-

Men           610mg per day

Women      430mg per day

To give some idea of what food is needed to get this.

A 150g portion of salmon (try to buy Atlantic or Alaskan wild salmon) gives 4700mg of omega 3’s which is all that is required for 1 week.

However 2 portions of oily fish a week is recommended

D.H.A Docosahaenoic Acid, A 22 carbon atom (long chain) with 6 double bonds is an Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid which helps with High Blood Pressure (by reducing fat in the blood), and inflamation in the body.

However there are also studies that show no noticeable effects. It is not worth noting that eating healthy diet of Fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as plenty of exercise is essential for a healthy life. smaller meals are also considered to be helpful in staying healthy.

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