Vitamin E and Magnesium  WALNUTS  are the only nut with ” ALPHA LINOLENIC ACID” which is the PLANT form of OMEGA 3 fatty acids. These essential unsaturated fatty acids the body needs and gets from the food we eat.  WALNUTS have approximately 1mg of OMEGA 3 to every 5 OMEGA 6’s ( a balance of 1mg of omega 3 to 2mg of omega 6’s is considered to be the right balance)

There is lot of reasearch and I might add a number of conflicting results regarding the blance of the two OMEGAS but it does seem that too much OMEGA 6 can lead to inflammation in the body which may lead to problems. ( it’s the BALANCE of the two that seems to be the important aspect)

WALNUTS  are high in fats (unsaturated) but a daily 30grams of nuts are all that is needed in a balanced diet vitamin E and Magnesium are also included in your “snack”

WALNUTS also have ANTI-INFLAMATORY benefits because they contain “Tannis Tellinagrandin” which allows for direct electrical communication between cells (Gap Junctional)

The “flavonol morin” which from “Plant Flavonoids” therapeutic drugs are emerging as being “POTENT” against a wide range of Free Radical MEDIATED DISEASES (Which is abnormal activity of the bodies immune system).

WALNUTS also contain Quinone Jugolene which is found in almost no other food. (a phototoxin which helps to reduce (L.D.L cholesterol) but NOT (H.D.L. Chlosterol) “the good cholesterol”

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