About Us

Here at Suncatcher we are passionate about helping to change your eating habits, and can offer many of the foods experts suggest we include in your diet.

We don’t believe that because there are loads of super foods out there that’s all you should eat. A meal should include enough fresh vegetables (try to steam them as you don’t want to boil all the goodness away) to cover half of your plate, with the other half made up of protein and carbs. Fresh fruit (5-7 a day if possible) is important, as are nuts (8-10 a day is all the body needs) and seeds (about 2 level dessert spoons). 4 small meals a day are better than 2 giant ones and remember the main way to keep your weight under control is to monitor what you eat, as well as taking regular exercise ( a 40 minute walk = 160 calories, 2 chocolate biscuits = 200 calories!).

As a rough guide protein and carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram, so 100g of nuts or seeds count as 400 calories and they are great for you, although the body only needs 50g . When you order just ask for our booklet on good eating habits, which we hope will help you to take care of yourself. There are no guarantees, but keeping yourself as healthy as you can helps fight illness when it happens.

So stay healthy. Eat smart.

Our Services

  • Delivering natural, healthy foods throughout the UK and Europe
  • Whole food experts since 1993
  • Top quality produce, competitively priced
  • Retail store in Bournemouth, open 9 am – 5 pm daily
  • Trade / bulk inquiries welcome