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Lignans Angiogenesis

Eat Yourself to Healthy Living Lignans are polyphenols (antioxidants) found in plants. Antioxidants destroy Free Radicals which are groups or chains of unstable atoms that do damage to D.N.A. and can damage or neutralise healthy cells. The principle anti-oxidants are Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. Try adding small quantities of some of these foods […]


FROM FATTENING SNACK to SUPERFOODS Nuts are high in calories and as such often receive “Bad Press”. Almonds Cashews,Hazelnuts,Pistachios (approx 15-17 nuts per 100 calories)Brazils, Walnut Halves (approx. 5-8 nuts per 100 calories).   Almonds,Brazils,Hazelnuts,Pistachios and cashews are high in “OMEGA 6” with only a Trace of  “OMEGA 3”. Walnuts on the other hand have”5mg […]

Brassica Vegetables

A range of vegetables that include :- broccoli, brussel sprouts, bok choi, cauliflower, cabbage, collard vegetables, cress, kale, mustard, swedes, turnips, radishes and rapeseed. All vegetables produce natural defense against insect attack eg. aphids. This enzyme is called Myrosinase which is found in plant’s cells. When the plant is attacked by insects it releases the […]