Privacy Policy

Suncatcher Foods Ltd keeps your personal information private. We do not share your information with other companies. is hosted on secure and reliable servers. This has been used because it provides the best online protection.


How secure is the information I give?
Suncatcher Foods Ltd use the highest level of online assurance for our customers.
We only store your name, address and contact information. No credit card details is stored by Suncatcher Foods Ltd.


Suncatcher Foods Ltd want to give our customers a clear understanding of how and why we collect your informationand and how it is then protected.

Why we collect information?

Suncatcher Foods Ltd collects personal information to process your orders, to communicate with you and to improve our service. We limit the information to that needed to provide you with a personal and friendly service.

The information we collect

Personal information that is essential to communicate process and deliver your order. The information we require is your name, shipping and billing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

How we use information?

  • To confirm and process your order.
  • Respond to your questions.
  • Notify you of availability issues and shipping delays.
  • Communication
  • All personal information will be kept private and only used for the purpose of completing your order.
  • We do reserve the right to disclose information for law enforcement and legal requests.

Any information connected to your identity is protected under this policy.

Electronic Communications

Every time you contact via Suncatcher Foods Ltd, e-mail or chat you are communicating electronically. Any agreements, information or notices satisfy legal requirements that communications are in writing.
All pictures and content present on this web site are Copyright property of Suncatcher Foods Ltd and cannot be used by third parties